Q: Does the Black Box require configuration on my behalf?

A: You only need to connect it to your home internet using wifi or ethernet cable. The service will be activated shortly before it arrives to your address.

Q: How do I connect the Black Box to my television?

A: Using the provided HDMI cable.

Q: Where does the Black Box work?

A: Although we only ship within Mexico, the service is not limited geographically.

Q: How is the Black Box shipped?

A: It will be shipped from within Mexico to your Mexican address within one business day via major carrier such as Estafeta, DHL, Fedex, etc. You will be provided a tracking number.

Q: Will I need to pay importation or duties for the Black Box.

A: No, the Black Box ship from within Mexico.

Q: Can I renew after the included initial term of service?

A: Yes, please order a renewal from our web site.

Q: How fast does my internet need to be?

A: High definition channels can require up to 7 Mbps download speed.

Q: Do you sell programming only?

A: No, our service is only available to Black Box owners.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, our site gives the option to pay with Paypal who processes the credit card payments.

Q: If I need help or questions, how do I reach you?

A: We are available seven days per week via our contact form and email.

Q: Can I return the Black Box?

A: Please contact us if you’re having trouble. No returns will be authorized after 14 days from delivery. Returns must be pre arranged by contacting us. There is a $25 USD restocking fee per unit. Buyer pays return shipping. There are no refunds of renewals (service only).